Very Basic Pendulum Magick.


I recently had a question about using a pendulum from someone who was fed up with nearly all her friends being able to talk to guides, totem animals or the more popular angels. She was in dire need of something to talk to in the non material world and had heard about the possibilities of communicating with the extensive data bank of the subconscious using a simple pendulum.

Taking it for granted that there are other people out there who have heard of pendulum work but have never done it, I thought to go through some basics that always seem to work well so that an investigator has something to go on, and can continue to walk the path if it seems interesting.

Balanced pendulums in many different shapes and of many different materials are now available in metaphysical stores. In my youth we just used a ring and a piece of thread.

A good way to get acquainted with the power of your subconscious is this: hold the chain, thread, or fishing line with your power hand, usually the one you use to write. A four to six inch length works well at first. I’ll tell you customizing details later.

Hold the thread with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger for your first practice. On a piece of paper draw a circle, run a pencil round an inverted glass for example. Divide the circle into four quadrants by drawing two diameters at right angles.

Put your elbow on the table and lower the bob, or ring, or whatever until it is just above the intersection of the diameters. Now, hold still as you can and imagine that the bob is moving along one of the diameters. In a very short time, perhaps immediately, it will begin to do so. Let it happen. If you are actually imagining it moving along the chosen diameter, it will do so, no matter how still you keep your hand and fingers.

When it is swinging freely imagine that it is now swinging along the other diameter. It is a VERY good magickal exercise to imagine something happening against the report of the senses. It’s a basic magickal skill to bring about change. Keep at it and the bob will begin to move in an ellipse until it has settled down and is moving along the new diameter.

While it is still swinging imagine that it has stopped dead and is stationary, over the central point. That too will happen.

Some people, particularly children can do it immediately. Some adults need a couple of tries. But everyone can do this. When you have reached the point in your demonstration that the bob is hanging without movement over the center of your diagram you have demonstrated a fundamental law of magickal and mundane work.

Your world is a manifestation of your strongly held beliefs.

No matter how firmly you held the cord your subconscious found ways to negate the report of your senses, and by micro-muscle movements that you could not even feel found ways to make the pendulum obey your most powerful commands…those of the imagination.

You could, for fun, do the same thing holding a pencil as a fishing rod, and loop the pendulum string over the end. You can hold your right hand with your left, or vice versa. The commands of the image are still obeyed.

When your pendulum has been caused to move and then to become still, at the moment of stillness you are directly in touch with your subconscious, the line is open. And your subconscious continually receives millions more bits of data a second than your conscious mind.

Your liver is performing hundreds of impressive chemical reactions every minute. Your digestive system is using dozens of home made chemicals to transform your food into an energy compatible with that of your body. Hundreds of dead cells are being replaced by your body every second.

All these matters and thousands more are effortlessly organized by your subconscious, not your conscious. Everything you have ever experienced, read, seen or heard is still stored away somewhere in the subconscious archives. And you can retrieve a great deal of it with the most basic pendulum methods. In skilled hands the simple pendulum has just about unlimited potential to access the subconscious and its many libraries.

Let’s find out some things we didn’t already know consciously. Lay the free hand palm up on the table. Hold the bob over the palm and ask mentally, “Which way is the chakra spinning?” The bob will follow the energy path, clockwise or counterclockwise. Turn the hand over and do the same on the back of the hand. You will find that the bob spins in the opposite direction. From this you can deduce that the chakra is like a funnel of energy that goes right through the hand. From one side it would seem to spin one way and from the other side it would look like it had changed direction.

Do the same with your left and right knee. Don’t be surprised if the bob spins in two different directions.

Now do something very useful. Put a piece of food on your free palm and let the bob spin over it. Mentally say “Checking for beneficial food.” If it spins in the same direction as it did on the empty palm you have something on your hand that will benefit your body if you eat it. Otherwise you are being given a heads up.

Now see why I suggested that you use a specific three fingers to hold the pendulum. Lay your free hand flat on the table and splay the fingers and thumb. Hold the pendulum over the mid joint of the thumb and ask for the polarity of the thumb energy. Watch what the pendulum does. It may rotate or move in a straight line or form a figure of eight. Remember it. Now ask the same in turn for each of the fingers. You will find that the thumb produces a different motion from the fingers and that the fingers alternate with opposite movements. The thumb energy is neutral, the forefinger is positive and the middle finger is negative, for example. However you interpret it using the three fingers I suggested leaves a neutral charge on the thread. You interfere less with the messages that way.

When you can move the pendulum along either diameter and bring it to a halt you are in a position to start using it as an oracle to access stuff you need to know, but you don’t consciously know.

Get the bob stationary as before. Address the pendulum as if it is your personal dowsing system. “How would you indicate a Yes answer?” Note on a piece of paper how it moves. Mine always spins clockwise for yes. Yours has many options. Then ask about a No answer. Finish with Ask later.

With those three you have an amazing instrument for accessing data that you may not consciously know. All you need now is to deal with the bugaboo of pendulum users, the creative power of the thought that they may be influencing the pendulum in the direction they WANT it to go.

After a lot of practice with questions that can be answered Yes or No to which you know the answer, you can go to the stage of using a diagram for your pendulum work and checking the accuracy of your answer against your desire for the answer.

Use a glass or a protractor, or some way of drawing a semicircle with a diameter. Mark the circumference with the numbers 0 through 10. Bring the bob to the center of the diameter. Say…“On a scale of 0 through 10 how much of the answer I’ve just had was due to my wanting that answer?” The pendulum will swing from the center along the radius of the number. Use the answer to modify your question, if necessary.

After a lot of interesting dialogue with your pendulum you begin to get the awareness of significant communication. Some people call it making the acquaintance of the angel of the pendulum, rather as some people are so in touch with the angel of the Tarot that they can use ANY deck of cards for divination.

One very talented student of mine found that she could track missing animals by using a large scale map of the area where they were last seen and using Yes/No to hone in on the map coordinates. She told the owners where the coordinates crossed and the missing animal was frequently found right there.

It was investigating such a possibility that a way of customizing your pendulum to make it more efficient was discovered. Tie a knot in the thread or the chain so that the length of the suspension material between your fingers and the bob is the same as the length of your middle finger from knuckle to tip.

And another student was using a pendulum to choose from hundreds of essential oils that she used to prepare custom products for her clients. She discovered a little trick after consulting with other sources that she, being very psychic had available. She was told that holding her little finger up like at the vicar’s tea party her pendulum hand would be a better vehicle to inform her of the data she needed. And her choices became immediate, always just what was needed, and reliable enough to be the basis of the business. What oils and how much of each became a matter of just looking at the pendulum swing. Just in case you are one of the little finger group.

Mary Hardy is an expert on using homeopathic remedies. She carries around about 1500 of them and immediately hits those her clients need using her pendulum. There are many ways you can use it once you have the knack. You could easily find some that have never been used before.

One very talented member of the American Dowsers Association freaked out the Pentagon by accurately pinpointing the current positions of both Russian and American nuclear submarines on a map of the world. He is an expert on dowsing for minerals, water and oil, using a pendulum and maps, and when he was asked by some Middle Eastern countries for help in on the spot dowsing for oil he couldn’t get an exit visa because of his para military performance.

I have used my trusty little pendulum to find a ring that I lost when gardening…“Am I nearer to it?” kind of questions. There is no known limit to pendulum work for someone willing to undergo the experimental period in learning how to ask questions with Yes/No answers. It was easy to find the direction of the water pipe leading from the house under the lawn, using the same questions. And I am by no means a talented dowser.

When you can do the simple things in this posting it will be time to look at books on the subject and dowsing groups Find out about dowsing on the web. There are many books available now with diagrams containing dozens of options on every possible thing you could think of from which gemstones will empower you, through the best herbal remedies for your current health problems onto relationship questions of the most complicated kinds. You can easily make your own diagrams with a circle and lots of labeled radii along which your pendulum can swing instead of a standard Yes/No answer.

And one last little warning. There are some questions whose answer would be harmful for you to know. ALWAYS check with your new Dowsing System first….May I? Can I? Should I? ask the question in my mind at the moment. If you get a negative do not pursue the matter. You can of course ask “Will it be a suitable question later on some time?”

Happy Trails.